Dear Staff:

I’m a bilateral exchange student from Taiwan, and my name is Yang, Tzu-Chien.
This Monday, I went to attend one of my courses, called Exploring Grammar 2” from English department. During the class, I had one question which I could not understand even after I’ve read the booklet and my teacher has explained it. The question was that “what’s the difference between nominal clause and relative clause?”

Then I went to ask her after class. She gave me an explanation, but I still could not understand. Then she said it’s easy for Finns to tell the difference. I really cannot find another way to explain it to you in English. Also she asked me to find some books to find the answer. Then she turned to other students who are waiting for her.

I really felt shame on her. She, as a teacher, should try her best to help students solve their questions. I’ve already read so much information on the internet, but still cannot find the answer. So I have to ask her. But she did not take her responsibility to help me to solve it. How can a teacher act like this?

Then I had to write to my professor in my home university to ask him this question. Finally, I got the best way to explain it.

If this teacher has no ability to answer foreign students’ questions, then she should claim at first that this class will not be suitable for foreign students to take.

During my whole studying, I’ve never faced this situation. All the teachers I encountered would try their best to answer me. Though sometimes they failed to answer me, but they would tell me that I will find other way to explain it to you next time after I searched more information.

I really felt helpless and embarrassed. It seemed that I’m so stupid that I cannot understand the difference. However, in fact, there’s another way to explain it.

I do not want any apology, but I felt my right of education was violated.
Hope some staff in this university will find some ways to solve this.

Best wishes.
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