I have not done exercise since I came back from Finland. Of course as anyone can imagine I gained some weight. But yesterday I got a chance to go to MXIC company to paly basketball, table tennis, badminton and billiards with my ex-student and his brother. I was exausted after this, but I was so excited. Also I saw my ex-student. He is my first student, and I had taught hime for almost three years. But I spent my last year in Finland. It's been a year we have not seen each other. Now he is taller than me, and more like a grown-up.

Today my friend, his Thai Friend and I went to Lion's Head Mountain to go mountain climbing. It was scorching hot. I sweated a great deal. Also I got sunburn. It was healthy for me, although mountain climbing is strenuous.

Today's new vocabulary:

smoothie 冰沙
hazelnut 榛果
caramel 焦糖
vanilla 香草
fern 蕨
yolk 蛋黃
Job's tear 薏仁
strenuous 費力的

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