Now I'm in Hualien, enjoying my life.

On this Thurday my sister and I took a train from Hsinchu at 2:30. After four hours sitting on that uncomfortable seat, we arrived at Hualien train station. I think this is my tenth time to come to Hualien.(haha I'm not sure.)

Next day I rode my scooter to the city center to sign up my car driving training courses. After that, I went to 7-11 to buy a newspaper. I expected this newspaper would help me to find a part-time job, but I was wrong. All the job offers are in Taipei area. Then I realized why my sistertold me to buy the "Keng Sheng Daily News." This is regional newspaper publishing in Hualien and Taidong.

I tried to find a part-time job these two days, but it was difficult beacuse of the wrong time. Now it is already August, and the offer of the part-time jobs are originally rare. Maybe a tutoring job is what I should look for.

No inetrnet in my sister's home causes a big problem to me. Now I go to her company to use the wireless internet to get on-line every day. But from another point of view, this help me not to spend so much time surfing the internet. Instead I read more. Now I am reading "The Success Story of Stanley Yen."
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