Today I went to Hualien city to look for a part-time job. At first, I was shy to ask the clerks if they are loking for day labors. But my sister told me that I should act more confidently. Then gradually I gained some guts, and started to be more positive and certain that I am the one you are looking for.

Finally I went to HESS Educational Organization to ask if they need a English teacher. But I did not expect to have a English test. I almost spent half an hour to finist the test. It's about grammar, reading comprehension, and sentence correction. Before I thought I was good at grammar. However, after this test, I doubt it.

Also I found that even though I understood the meanings of sentences, I still got confused when I started to answer those questions related to the texts.

Now I'm so afraid that I will disgrace my school. So down.


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