Yesterday I lost my patience for my passengers.
Sorry for that. I should keep learning how to provide good service.

Yesterday due to the bad weather in Kinmen, our first flight to Kinmen was cancelled.
Then many passengers began to ask if your company would arrange extra flight to Kinmen.
But the problem was that they did this when I was doing the check-in procedure for the other passenger.
The same thing kept happening again and again. Finally I lost my patience.

I understood how worried and anxious they were.
But sorry for my temperament.

There is a say that "Put yourself in their shoes."
If I were the passenger, I might have the same reaction.

Fortunately, my company arranged an extra flight to Kinmen in the afternoon.

Next time I should be more patient.
This is a job in service industry.
Passengers are always right.

Step on that.

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