If the firm u work for puts itself in ur shoes,
would u still wanna switch ur job so eagerly?
Maybe 90% employee will say "Probably NO."

But if these are the stipulations ur new company set for all employees,

1. no pay for over-time work
2. be on and off duty two times a day and no subsidy for this damn type of work
3. work over 12 hours and it is regular
4. pay for the fine and price difference when u issue the flight ticket which does not match the route
5. only pay u little chicken feed but force u to accept "ginormous" workload compard to other firms

Will u still stay in this company in order to accumulate ur working experience?
Or u will switch ur job with any hesitation?

I've worked for this firm for only three months,
but there has been four newcomers who came to work for only three days
and no longer showed up.

Now I learned that there are still many jon seekers who are applying for this position.
I really wanna tell him "Don't waste ur time."

I am so confused and perplexed now.

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  • Cathy
  • Hi~I want to know u :)

    I'm cathy,
    my problem is I can't get along with my co-wokers,
    final, after 3 months I get melancholia......orz
    so I left,
    and I'm very HAPPY & normal right now.
    *Plz, forgive my poor english.
  • U mean u ever worked in TransAsia Airways?

    Haha Nice to know u.

    z5438 於 2010/07/01 00:20 回覆

  • Cathy
  • 我的finally打錯了...冏
  • OL
  • OMG...no wonder they are eager to recruit employees ....
    Btw,why don't you leave?
  • Yup u r right. Almost every month someone will quit.
    They are always recruiting new idiots.
    They will leave when they know something which does not match what they imagine.

    z5438 於 2010/08/05 21:54 回覆

  • TD
  • 請問沒加班薪水..那是變成休假嗎?
  • 現在可以選擇換休或換錢摟
    超過12小時 雖然說禁止
    但....你工作12小時 要扣一小時休息
    兩段班當然有 但有少許的錢可以拿

    z5438 於 2010/08/05 21:51 回覆