I am kinda down right now.
Hope I could change this depression into a positive power.

I got a complaint from my passenger.

Yesterday there was a young lady coming to my check-in counter.
She has booked a flight, and wanted to issue the tickets.
Coz she did not bring the reservation number with her,
I told her next time it will save ur time if you have it.

Then I tried to search for her flight info according to the data she provided.
The first method I applied did not help me to find the reservation number.
At this moment, I became impatient and started to show my long face.

Finally, I found her reservation number.
Actually, she should issue the tickets through the internet,
because the cabin type is different from the type we are authorized to issue at check-in counter.
However, I still tried to help her. It did take some time.
Eventually, I totally lost my patience.

I do apologize for my bad manner.

This is definitely a lesson to me.
Yup, "Put myself in passengers' shoes."

Anyway I should be more patient. It is not just a slogan.
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